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The Warden’s Diary

Cover for my first ever Superjail fic: www.fanfiction.net/s/10645221/…

I don’t know if it’ll be very good but it was an idea I had for a while and I hadn’t written a fic in forever.

An as of yet unamed OC has stumbled across the Warden’s Diary after she was (unwillingly) made Superjail’s mail girl. I’m not sure if her name will ever even be mentioned in the fic so I haven’t tried to think of one yet, but just to clear a few things up, she’s just there to make the story happen and move along. There is and will not be any type of romance between her an d the Warden…she actually does all she can to avoid him like the plague. Which is honestly easier said than done.

It’s written from her POV until I get to chapters that play out the more important entries to where it will switch to 3rd person and play out as a flashback.

I think that’s about it…it’s more of a fic full of headcanons really…again, dunno how good it’ll be once it actually gets going.

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Bad news. PegasusBrill’s computer was recently broken.

The good news is it looks like the files can be saved, the bad news is, the computer can’t.

As the main sound director, Tick Tock’s voice, and the one in charge of editing together Jot’s Journal, this is a REALLY…